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Chic Skirts Collection for Women and Girls

Let's Make Chic Skirts Easy to Find Again!

Hey, this is Alissa Wrightsman Black, creator of the Original Chic Skirts, and I have created this collection to make it easy for you to find conservative skirts in 2023 and beyond. We get quite a bit of search volume on our branded keywords since we've built up a loyal fan base. And we are so grateful for your support!

The past year has ushered in so many changes for both my business and my family that search engines seem to be sending our customers to pages that aren't ours. This is an official page from Chic Store, and I hope it makes it easier for our previous customers to find Chic Skirts!

This collection includes the Original Knee Length Chic Skirts, the Original Maxi Length Chic Skirts, and the Original Knee Length Chic Uniform Skirts for Girls.

Quick List of Changes

  • Chic Store is now Modest Skorts
  • is now
  • We used to be a Wix website. Now we are a Shopify website.
  • We used to only offer an athletic midi skirt. Now we offer a whole slew of items.
  • We used to be in Indiana. Now we are in Pennsylvania

Check out the Chic Skirts featured on Muddy Mastiff's Youtube.

In 2018, I created the original Chic modest sportswear skirts.

At that time it was hard to find affordable modest athletic skirts with leggings that needed no alterations. And proprietary Everlast material was popular.

In 2019, I sold original Chic skirts on Amazon and by word of mouth.

Modest activewear skirts were a hit. And the Chic midi athletic skirt became popular.

In 2020, during Covid I began selling on a Wix website at the domain

I've since learned, it's better to have an easier to remember domain name without a hyphen. And you want it to state what you are selling. needed to change to something more permanent.

In September 2020, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that intermittently impaired my ability to work and make business decisions.

It was awful. But lets dwell on the positive.

The Chic skirt was still popular though!

God provides. Before I ever got sick, He gave me this business. And it was wonderful to be able to work from home when I needed to.

In 2021, I got married, and with my husband's help we experienced a boom of sales both on Amazon and on

My husband Jason took us to the next level.

We kept selling out!

Our original Chic modest active skirts are the only piece of clothing in the world made with Everlast material. It lasts a long time, and it has to be custom made. This adds a month to production time. With a lead time of up to 4 months, it was difficult to keep up with demand. And prices were rising.

We tried a couple of lower cost manufacturers, but that experiment was a failure that really set us back.

We didn't want to raise our prices, but it was Covid and the price of raw material went up. Our luxury manufacturer raised their price. I decided to try to have the original Chic modest athletic skorts made by a manufacturer that charged less. Big mistake!

Turns out, even when provided with the same set of specs, different suppliers make things that turn out differently.

They say fail fast. The important thing is that you learn from it. I learned that once I place a design with a manufacturer it needs to stay with them. It is better to fluctuate prices than fluctuate quality and construction.

We got a couple batches that were not the same as our originals.

They are still usable, just not the same quality Everlast material. And some are a bit of a different shape at the hips. We are selling the last of them cheap, on our SALE page.

In the future, if we want to use a different manufacturer, we will also use a different design.

We want to keep our products consistent for you guys, because we get a lot of people who repeat purchase and expect consistency.

In 2022, a series of difficult life events occurred in rapid succession, and we had to close Chic for a few months while we made some major life changes.

I so want to share the details, because MAN there are some doozies. But this probably isn't the place.


During the time the store was closed, we continually received requests for Chic Skirts.

We realized we had a loyal fan base, and that was a huge encouragement!

After two unplanned cross-country moves the Chic business and I landed in Pennsylvania and opened in November 2023.

This was the perfect time to restructure the Chic business!

You know how you think back to something in your past and say, if I had it to do over knowing what I know now I would... fill in the blank.

Yeah, I had stuff I wanted to do differently to build a better future. So I started restructuring.

I changed the domain name from to

This is a positive change, though it does require re-building our SEO.

I changed the parent company name from Chic to Modest Skorts due to a trademarking issue.

Wrangler made it difficult to trademark Chic. The name Modest Skorts was actually a lot better for long term purposes, and it was available as a trademark and as a business name. So Chic Store is now Modest Skorts.

Plus, I've designed another skort brand, Qodesh, in addition to Chic. And more designs are on the horizon.

It just makes sense to have an umbrella under which to sell all designs created by Alissa.