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Maxi skirts have been around for a long time. They were popularized by hippies in the 1960s and 1970s, who wore them with peasant blouses and sandals. Since then, maxi lengths have become an essential part of every woman's wardrobe.
Maxi skirts are versatile enough to be worn with almost anything: from t-shirts to sweaters; from cardigans to blazers; from jumpers to jackets--the possibilities are endless! They can also be paired with different types of shoes depending on how you want your outfit to look: sneakers or boots for casual looks; heels or flats for more formal ones (see below).

Types of Maxi Length Skirts

Pencil Skirts: These are the most traditional of maxi skirts, with a straight cut and narrow hem. They're great for women who want to show off their legs without going overboard on volume or fabric.
A-line Skirts: These are similar to pencil skirts but have an outward flare at the hemline that creates more movement and volume around your hips. If you're looking for something that's going to give you more shape than just straight lines, this might be the way to go! Wrap Skirts: Wrap skirts tend to be very long--they wrap around your waist multiple times before falling in front or behind it depending on how much fabric there is available (you can see some examples here). This style has become increasingly popular recently because it looks great with strappy sandals or heels but also feels comfortable enough for everyday wear; plus, because it wraps around so many times there's no need for buttons or zippers!

Picking the Right Length

Before you start shopping, it's important to know what length will suit your body type. To do this, measure yourself and convert the measurements into the country's measurement system. For example: if you're American and want to know what size skirt would fit best on your body type, use this chart:

  • If you're under 5'4" tall (163 cm), choose a maxi length that falls between 40-45 inches (102-114 cm).
  • If you're between 5'4" and 5'7" tall (163-170 cm), choose a maxi length between 45-50 inches (114-127 cm).
  • If you're over 5'7" tall (170 cm), go for something longer than 50 inches (127 cm).

Maxi Length Skirts for the Office

Maxi length skirts are the perfect addition to any office wardrobe. They can be paired with flats or heels. Maxi skirts are a professional look that will keep you looking good at work!

Maxi Length Skirts for Formal Events

Maxi skirts are great for formal events and weddings. When choosing a maxi skirt, you want to make sure that it's appropriate for the occasion. For example, if you're attending a black tie event or wedding, stick with darker colors like black or navy blue. If you're going to an outdoor wedding where there will be lots of sun (like on a beach), opt for lighter shades like white or ivory instead of black so as not to clash with everyone else's outfits!
If you're looking for something more casual but still want your outfit to be appropriate for the occasion, try pairing your maxi skirt with some flats and an off-the-shoulder top--it'll look great!

Maxi Length Skirts for Casual Wear

  • Flared pencil skirts: These are the most versatile and stylish of all maxi length skirts. They can be worn with a plain shirt or blouse, or paired with a t-shirt and denim jacket for a casual look.
  • A-line skirts: If you're looking for something more formal, an A-line skirt is your best bet. It's great for work or evening events because it gives off an elegant vibe while still being comfortable enough to move around in all day long!

Fabrics and Colors

Maxi skirts come in a variety of fabrics and colors. Cotton is a popular choice, as it's breathable and easy to care for. Linen has some of the same qualities as cotton but is more durable, so it holds up better over time. Wool and silk are also good options if you want something that will keep you warm in colder weather. Neutral colors like black or gray are great for pairing with other pieces in your wardrobe; statement colors like red or blue can make an outfit pop!

Accessorizing Maxi Length Skirts

Maxi skirts are a wardrobe staple, but they can be a bit tricky to style. Here are some tips for accessorizing your maxi skirt:

  • Shoes: Choose shoes that complement the outfit and go with the rest of your outfit's color scheme. If you're wearing a bright pink skirt, try pairing it with black ballet flats or oxfords. If you have an earthy brown maxi skirt on, opt for nude heels or sandals instead of something more colorful like red pumps or blue wedges!


Maxi skirts are a classic wardrobe staple, and for good reason. They're versatile, flattering and can be worn in a variety of ways. If you're looking to add some new pieces to your closet this season, consider adding one or two maxi skirts!