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Slimming Skort with Pocket

Are you looking for a slimming with skort with pocket for women?

Slimming Travel Skort with Pockets

Wrinkle free travel. Isn’t that the ideal we all aspire to?

Comfort first travel. Isn’t that just common sense?

Slimming travel looks. Oh, isn’t that the dream?


Who would have thought you could get all three in one long lasting skort?

Wait, there is more!


THEY HAVE POCKETS!!! That’s right, pockets.


Our luxury Chic skort with pocket even features a zipper, so you can keep your card and keys secured in your waistband pocket while you do whatever your day demands.

Black skort with pockets / Navy skort with pocket / Grey skort

Our Chic skirts come in three colors, with more on the horizon. We offer the slimming black skort with pockets, the slimming navy skort with pockets, and the slimming grey skort with pockets. So you have choices! Pick the one that is right for your color season.

Cotton skort with pockets / Long skort with pocket

If you want more of a cotton feel, go for our midi Qodesh skort by following this link. But if you would like a dri fit long skort with a pocket, check out our maxi Chic skorts here or our midi Chic skorts here. We even have kids skorts here, so you can do a mommy and me look with your little girl.


Slimming Plus Size Skort with Pockets

We are the only company in the world to use Everlast Technology in our skorts. This material does so much cool stuff, too much to mention everything here.


One of the best benefits of Everlast material is its ability to stretch extra far and then return to its original shape, no worse for the wear. This allows us to create slimming designs without using all that pesky extra fabric to provide ease of movement. Embrace your curves with a slimming plus size skort with pockets today!

Athleisure skirt with pocket / Athleta skort with pockets

Athleisure is perhaps one of the most comfortable styles of clothing. It combines the comfort of workout clothes with the look of leisure wear. If you want an athleisure skirt with pocket that can triple as a dressy skirt, check out our black midi Chic skort here.

Pickleball skorts with pockets

If you are looking for an athleta skort with pockets, we suggest you checkout our dupes. Pickleball skorts with pockets might be a more obscure name, but the great news is that you can use our Qodesh skort or our Chic skort to play pickeball in a skort. Look your best whether you want a slimming regular skort to play sports or whether you want a slimming plus size skort with pockets for the pickleball court.

Dsg performance skort / Dsg tennis skirt /Duluth trading company skorts / Zella skort

Lets not forget, if you are looking for a dsg performance skort, a dsg tennis skirt, duluth trading company skorts, or a zella skort, we suggest you try one of ours instead. If you don’t want to pay full price for our luxury skorts, you can check out our SALE page here to see if we have any “seconds” with imperfections for sale cheap. If you are on a budget, make every dollar count by trying out our cheap athletic skirts here.