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Scrub Skirts Scrub Dress

Scrub skirts are a versatile wardrobe essential that have been worn by women for centuries. Originally used to protect the legs of nurses and physicians, they've become an iconic part of Western culture.
Scrubs have been around since at least the 1500s, when they were first created by tailors in England who wanted to make garments that would be more comfortable than traditional dresses. They were first used as work clothes for farmers and laborers who needed protection from dirt or mud while performing their duties outdoors--but these early versions weren't designed with comfort in mind! In fact, they were made from stiff fabric like woolen tweed so that they would hold their shape even after being washed multiple times (which was necessary due to lack of washing machines).

Types of Scrub Skirts

Pencil skirts: These are the classic scrub skirt. They're straight-lined and hit at the knee, so they're perfect for wearing with heels or flats.
A-line skirts: A little bit longer than pencils (hitting right above your ankles), these are great for dressing up with heels or wearing with sneakers.
Wrap skirts: This type of skirt is a little more forgiving than other styles because it has an elastic waistband that allows you to adjust it according to your size and preference.

Picking the Right Length

When you're shopping for a scrub skirt, it's important to know what length will look best on your body. To determine this, take measurements of yourself and use the size chart provided by each brand. If you don't have access to a measuring tape or if you don't want to measure yourself, check out our country's measurement system below:

  • American women tend to wear skirts that hit between their knees and ankles (this is called "ankle-length"). You can also wear midi-length skirts (the middle ground between ankle and knee) if they're comfortable with how much leg they show off--but remember that some jobs require full coverage!

  • British women prefer knee-length or longer styles because they feel more professional than shorter ones; however, many still wear mini-skirts occasionally at work because they think it makes them look younger and more fun!

Scrub Skirts for the Office

If you're looking for a professional look, the scrub skirt is a great option. It's comfortable and easy to wear, but also stylish enough to wear in the office. You can add some flair with statement jewelry or even a statement top if you're feeling bold!

Scrub Skirts for Formal Events

For formal events, you want to make sure that your scrub skirt is made of the right fabric and color. A black or navy blue skirt will go well with any color top, but if it's too dark, it can be overwhelming for your outfit. If you're going for something more colorful, choose a bright orange or green that complements your skin tone and hair color.
For shoes, strappy sandals or heels work best! They'll help elongate the leg line while still being comfortable enough for all day wear at work (or dancing).

Scrub Skirts for Casual Wear

  • Flared pencil skirts. These are a great option for casual wear, especially if you want to show off your legs. They're also great for those who want to be able to move around easily while still looking professional and stylish.

  • A-line skirts. These are perfect for the office or other formal occasions because they're flattering, but not too tight or constricting on your body movements.

Fabrics and Colors

When you're shopping for a scrub skirt, it's important to consider the fabric and color. There are many options available, including cotton, linen and wool. Silk is another great choice for its luxurious feel and drapeability. If you prefer neutral colors that match with everything in your closet (and who doesn't?), look for subtle tones like black or gray instead of bright reds or oranges that may clash with what else you have in your wardrobe.
If statement colors are more up your alley--or if they're required by hospital dress code--you can choose from vibrant hues like purple or yellow without worrying about them clashing with anything else!

Accessorizing Scrub Skirts

Accessorizing your scrub skirt is a great way to make it more personalized. Shoes are the easiest way to do this, but there are other accessories that can help you create your own signature look.

  • Shoes: If you're wearing heels or flats, try pairing them with an interesting pair of socks. You could even match them with a specific color theme in mind (like all pink).



Scrub skirts are a classic wardrobe staple that can be worn in many different ways. They're flattering and versatile, making them the perfect addition to your closet.
If you're looking for a new way to wear your scrub skirt, try pairing it with some sneakers and a tee shirt!