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Modest athletic skorts are our specialty here at Modest Skorts, as the name implies. We put all our design creativity, rigorous research, personal testing, and teamwork with manufacturing professionals into creating the perfect modest workout skirt, bar none! Workout skorts should feel comfortable and look flattering. You should feel your best in one of our Chic skorts when you're at the gym or playing sports with your friends. A modest workout skirt doesn't just have to be confined to athletics. A good black skirt can take you almost anywhere. You can make a seamless style statement at church with your classy black skirt, a cute top, and business casual shoes. No one has to know it's actually an athletic skirt, because it fits right in.


Confidence is attractive. If you want to make a style statement, feeling good in your own skin can take you miles. If you are uncomfortable and constantly tugging at your clothes on the brink of a fashion pas, a Chic workout skirt is for you. Think how much more confident you will be when you feel comfortable. Confidence is key. Comfort makes it happen.

Modest Workout Skorts

If quality clothing that just won’t wear out is what you value most, we suggest choosing one of our Chic athletic skirts, made from our proprietary Everlast fabric. It has extreme stretch, returns to its original shape after being stretched, and is resistant to damage. For many conservative women, athletic activities are more enjoyable when wearing long sport skirts that flex with their every move without adding ten extra pounds of fabric. Chic athletic skirts fit the bill.

Modest Athletic Skirts

If affordability is what you value most, we suggest you check out our economy line or our ‘seconds.’ Sometimes a batch of our luxury skorts has some imperfections, and those are sold as ‘seconds’ at a much reduced rate. You can find these on our SALE page.

Athletic Skirts Modest

If breathability is what you value most, we suggest you try one of our newly released Qodesh drawstring skorts. It has a type of jersey material skirt (as opposed to Everlast’s thick swimwear feel). Underneath you’ll find attached mesh shorts.

What is the difference between workout skorts and workout skirts?

On this website, we use the terms interchangeably. The technical definition of a skort is a skirt with attached shorts or pants, while a skirt is just a skirt without the additional attached shorts or leggings. However, in the conservative athletic wear community, many women actually are talking about workout skorts when they use the term ‘workout skirts.’

Are you coming out with any new Chic athletic skirts or Chic athletic skorts? And what happened to the original Chic Store at

Great questions! was a little too hard for people to remember and a little too hard to rank online. We have permanently transitioned our Chic Store to the much more accessible web address, Our original brand name, Chic, is still very much loved; however, Wrangler made the trademarking process too difficult and expensive to continue. We bowed out and just chose an easier to remember name instead, Modest Skorts. It sums up the essence of what we do.

Yes, we are coming out with more Chic athletic skorts using the same Everlast material! Our new design hits the shelves around April 2023. It features a slightly higher waist, deep safe pockets, and a drawstring. The first color sold will be black, and if they do well, we have the option to produce prints. Modest gym clothes can be a fun fashion statement.

What features should I look for in a women athletic skort or athletic skirt?

Ladies modest gym wear has a couple of commonly known and loved features. The first is length. Long exercise skirts generally mean knee length workout skirts or longer athletic skorts. These mid- length active skirts provide more coverage than the commonly seen mini workout skorts of our day. But they are even more fashionable. Don’t be surprised if you get compliments from strangers at the gym when you are wearing one of our stand out red Chic athletic skorts. In addition to length, a skirt for the gym is generally known to come with modest leggings or shorts underneath. These prevent chafing, making aerobics or running in a skirt more comfortable. The third thing your exercise skirt with leggings should provide is moisture wicking properties. Women prefer dri fit skirts knee length in the summer to stay cool and dry. If they are running in a skirt in the winter, though, they may go for maxi exercise skirts with leggings down to the ankle to stay warmer. These should also be dri fit for maximum comfort. The fourth thing fitness skirts should have is safe storage. Women usually need to keep track of a phone, keys, and maybe a card during their workout. A zippered pocket like in our Original Chic Skirt line keeps all that stuff from falling out and getting lost. Or, extra deep pockets like in our upcoming Drawstring Chic Skirt 2.0 line can keep your important items secure during a cardio workout.

I'm going running in a skirt. Should I wear one of your long sport skirts with mesh shorts? Or is a maxi exercise skirt with leggings down to the ankle better?

This really comes down to personal preference and weather conditions. Plus size gals will probably prefer a design with a drawstring, like our currently available Qodesh drawstring skort with mesh shorts or our Chic 2.0 skort with quick dry leggings. A drawstring is extra insurance that your skirt’s waist will stay in place. A sport maxi skirt with ankle length leggings will definitely be a warmer choice in colder months. Our Chic Store founder and designer, Alissa Black, prefers the dri fit Everlast material skorts, currently found in our Chic line, in both summer and winter as the material is smooth. And the thick material smooths those lumps and bumps. Her body temperature naturally runs a little lower than normal, though, and some women prefer to save the thicker material for winter. If you are one of those ladies with a higher body temperature or are prone to hot flashes, you might prefer a skort with mesh shorts.